Change is more than good

I’ve been feeling really crunched for time lately, no matter if it’s feeling behind on work, or laundry, or sorting obnoxious piles of mail that never, ever seems to shrink. I’ve always considered myself a pretty efficient person, but recently I’ve felt like I have less and less downtime. I’ve made a couple of adjustments in the past week in hopes that it helps me get a handle on my schedule.  

The most exciting change is that I bit the bullet and joined Equinox, a gym that’s closer to home. It was a difficult decision leaving NYSC (I love the women I work out with and had been a member for almost five years), but I also realized that I was spending a lot of time in transit and not using the full range of amenities at my old gym. Switching over is a great opportunity to challenge my body in a new environment.

Bonus? A whole group of ex-NYSC’ers made the switch at the same time, making it all a bit easier. This morning, we took over the weight floor and group exercise room – it was nothing short of amazing! I texted the group afterwards, mentioning how sore I’m feeling right now, and my friend Veronica wrote back reminding me, “Change is GOOD.” She’s right, it is! 

Changing my workout routine will have a ripple effect – I will have to reprioritize my schedule for most days of the week including my weekly errands, like grocery shopping at the Fairway near my old gym. This weekly shopping trip is a lifeline to healthy eating for me, so I will have to find another way to make it work.

To be honest, it makes me a little nervous to totally recalibrate my weeks – I’m a planner, dammit, and I like to know what comes next! Maybe floating around out there without an established schedule will be good for me.

Our workout group from this morning's session!

The other thing I’ve done has been much less drastic, but it’s working. I turned the desktop notification about new emails off on my work computer. No longer do I see that little Outlook envelope pop up next to the clock on my desktop, or the auto-preview flash and interrupt my work in another program. Over the last week, I’ve been able to work for longer uninterrupted periods of time, complete some major tasks that were hanging over my head, and feel very much in control of my to-do list. If someone desperately needs me, it’s likely that they’ll pick up the phone. Otherwise, responding to emails can wait a bit!

It’s about finding balance, embracing change, and facing new challenges. After writing this, I’m even starting to feel ready to tackle the household chores next – starting with that silly pile of mail. What are your tried and true techniques for managing your time and staying sane?

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3 thoughts on “Change is more than good

  1. K yan says:

    Never ending mail piles, I know all about them!! Although, I feel like I’ve tackled the world after goin through it & I wish equinox was close to me. Miss ya at nysc.
    I love to organize but the problem is there is always more stuff making it’s way into our house!

    • Stop the stuff! Stop the stuff! There should be security at our houses to stop excess stuff from coming in, or at least a voice that asks you twice “do you really need that ____?” I love the mail organizer you guys have at the front door. Might be looking for one of those to go in the new mudroom! Come w/ to the ‘nox one day – I have guest passes!

  2. […] I’ve been giving to the TED talk about work/life balance. As I’ve said before, change is more than good, and I am trying to keep that in the front of my […]

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