Sweet tooth

I really don’t like going a day without having some chocolate. I know I could, but that’s not realistic for a chocoholic like me. It’s no secret that sweets can ruin a healthy regimen, so I usually only allow myself a couple pieces of RitterSport dark chocolate each night.

Every once in a while I treat myself to something a little more decadent… and today was one of those days. I stopped by The Little Chocolate Company, a locally-owned chocolate shop, to pick up a couple of small gifts for friends and a few little treats for myself.

I spent a good 10 minutes jumping between the two main display cases – one full of milk chocolates, the other dark – trying to decide what to choose. The truffles from TLCC are heavenly – just one bite is rich and delicious which helps me avoid that “I-have-to-eat-this-whole-candy-bar-to-feel-satisfied” feeling.

If you’re in the Fairfield/Westchester area, stop in to check out the shop (or order online) and pick up a treat for your Valentine this week!

The Little Chocolate Company
99 Mill Street
Greenwich, CT 06830

A few treats from The Little Chocolate Company - a raspberry dark chocolate truffle and white chocolate with vanilla bean - almost too pretty to eat!

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