Fashion show at the ER

The last couple of days have been… interesting. I was scheduled to leave at 4:45am Monday morning (yesterday) for a business trip, so on Sunday I packed, got myself ready, and went to bed. Flash forward to Monday at 3am and I was sick as a dog with the stomach flu – I frantically called around to cancel my travel arrangements before the car service showed up at my front door.

The next several hours were progressively difficult; I was unable to keep anything down, not even water, and shed five pounds because I was so dehydrated. In the early afternoon I rallied – I felt a bit better and managed to eat four whole saltines – the crowning achievement of the day. Shortly afterwards, my fever spiked and I was feeling weaker than ever. My mom came by to check in on me, took one look at me, and made the executive decision that I needed some medical attention – off to the ER we went. 

It helps to try to find at least some humor in these types of situations, so when the nurse checking me in complimented me on my Christmas-theme pajama pants, I told her she should pay close attention to the rest of my outfit: a bright pink sports bra, powder blue tank top, and bright aqua zip-up hoodie. When she asked if I needed a wheelchair to get to my room, which was at the end of one of the long, bright hallways of the ER, I decided to walk. She said she’d be right next to me if I felt faint, and joked that this way, everyone else in the ER could see my outfit. I told her that I felt like a model, strutting my stuff down the catwalk during fashion week. I considered holding up the puke bucket garbage pail that I brought from home like a trophy as I paraded down the hall… but I refrained.

It was a pretty short visit – they gave me fluids and anti-nauesa meds and I left a few hours later with strict instructions to limit my diet to the blandest of bland foods, but a fun perk was that the nurse suggested popsicles as a way to get much needed fluids and sugars back into my body. I’m feeling well enough today to write this short post, so I know I’m on the mend. Other than that, I’ve been cleaning out the DVR, napping, and watching solid reruns of Saved by the Bell.

The last couple of days have been a good reminder of maintaining balance – of taking the time to rest and take care of your body when it’s clearly sending out distress signals. I called into the meeting that I missed by phone, and while it wasn’t ideal, it sufficed. I’m lucky that I didn’t get sick in Denver, or worse, en route.

That’s all for now, just a quick check-in – I hope to be back to some regularly scheduled posts later this week!

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