It’s wedding season!

We started June with a relaxing weekend in Maine, and ended it with a fun wedding weekend in DC!

The festivities kicked off with the Sangeet on Friday night, we spent Saturday catching up with friends before going to the wedding, and spent Sunday sightseeing and traveling back home. The wedding was gorgeous – we had such a blast celebrating with Anuj, one of my college friends, and his new wife, Tanya. Every part of the wedding was seriously stunning. After going through the experience of planning our wedding last year, I have a new appreciation for all the effort that goes into weddings now and there were so many fun details at this wedding. I can only imagine the time that went into all of the events – even the welcome bags were meticulously planned! The decorations and details were gorgeous but most importantly, Tanya and Anuj were grinning from ear-to-ear the entire time – their energy and happiness were totally contagious and w had so much fun celebrating and being a part of the day!

Photo op with the bride & groom!

Before our train left on Sunday we did some sightseeing around Union Station. We strolled by the Capitol and the Supreme Court, but not before going to the Postal Museum – that’s right, the mail museum – housed in the old post office building. It was right next door to the train station, and being a Smithsonian, it was free – win, win! Since I love communications, I found the whole thing fascinating. I felt like I was getting a sneak peek into people’s lives, reading love letters sent back and forth through the mail. To me, it seems so romantic to wait for a letter from your significant other in the mail but to be honest, I also felt selfish for taking the speed of our daily communications – like phone calls, texts, and emails – for granted.

Turns out, it was no coincidence that the former post office was directly adjacent to the train station – at the museum, I learned that post offices were historically situated near train stations to accommodate for the rail mail, which revolutionized communications. It was neat to see the parallels between mail delivery and industrial development in the U.S. – as the rail system expanded across the country, so did the mail. I totally nerded out, and enjoyed learning how “mail-on-the-fly” worked – someone would hang the mail bag on a post next to the tracks, and the mail rail workers would raise a catcher arm to grab the bag as the train sped by. I asked my grandfather, a long-time train conductor in the Northeast, if he had any experience with the mail rail and not surprisingly, he did. He said one of his duties was to hang the mail bag up for the trains to catch going by – an important part of the entire system – but if they missed or broke the bag while going by, it wasn’t his job to clean it up! Smithsonian put up quite a bit of information on their website – check it out to learn more about mail by rail.

After a busy month, it was nice to come home and settle back into some semblance of a routine, even if we were completely exhausted. Coop’s face says it all – time to take a rest before we jump into the second half of the year with four more weddings and a couple more trips!


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