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My poor neglected blog

Seriously, I’ve been slacking. I know. This poor blog is incredibly neglected. As if the month of August wasn’t busy enough, September also kept me on my toes! We had our one year anniversary (photos to come!), a bridal shower for my dear friend Christina, birthdays, and more… all while I’ve been furiously preparing to go to a conference in South Korea for work. I’ve been crazy with the planning and was excited to travel to Asia for the first time. After more planning this week, I spent yesterday preparing to leave and was ready to go this morning, until I saw my emails… Typhoon Sanba is barreling towards Okinawa and the Korean peninsula – exactly where we were supposed to go! We decided that those who had not yet left for Korea were not going to leave for Korea – that group included me. The risk was too great.

As I sat in my home office living room, staring at my carry-on (into which I had proudly managed to pack a week’s worth of clothes!),  I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I had to cancel my commitments and miss some opportunities, but as reality set in I knew I was more relieved not to be in harm’s way – getting caught on the other side of the world in the middle of what could be a pretty serious natural disaster would be majorly scary. 

On the bright side, I have an unexpectedly free weekend and pretty open week coming up. Hey, maybe I’ll even get to the grocery store this weekend and cook up a new dish – I have been so pre-occupied that I haven’t even been cooking that much! Stay tuned for some fall and winter recipes… including lots of new crock pot experiments!

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