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Today’s school shooting and the importance of mental health

I can’t think of anything else today except for the tiny, innocent victims of the school shooting in Newton, CT.  I’ve found tears come more easily than words as I listen to the news, Obama’s speech, and the press conferences updating everyone on what happened. I can’t fathom any of it – the grief, the pain, the questions, the frustrations and more that family members must be feeling right now. My heart is broken.

As the debate about gun reform laws rears its head again, as it always does after such tragedies, I can’t help but think that mental health is even more important than gun control. Details about the shooter aren’t out yet, but as they become available I would be willing to bet that there were clues along the way that he was suffering. Someone will talk about the behaviors that led them to think that something wasn’t right. Maybe they tried to do something to help, but maybe they didn’t. So, I urge you: if you know someone who you think is suffering, reach out to them. Help them find help. It is our responsibility as friends, siblings, children, and humans.

Don’t know where to start? I suggest checking in with the National Institute of Mental Health – they have a wealth of resources and information on their website alone.

Give your family an extra big hug tonight, and stay safe.

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Hurricane Sandy – How to Help

I had a post all ready to go with a yummy recipe for quinoa stuffed peppers… and then Hurricane Sandy showed up. Nothing quite like a natural disaster to put everything into perspective, eh?

Trees and power lines down in just one area of town

My family was lucky – while we don’t have power, we are all safe. Not everyone is in the same boat, and as the East Coast figures out what to do next, there are lots of things you can do to help – even if you are far away:

  • Make a donation to the Red Cross
  • Donate blood, if you are able, to help emergency services. Find out more here.
  • Donate time to a local shelter – check your town’s website for more information about shelter locations.
  • Donate clothes to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  • Bring canned goods and other non-perishable food items to your local food bank.
  • Offer to foster pets whose owners are in a shelter, or volunteer time at a local animal shelter.
  • Look into local volunteer resources through your town/city hall.

What will you do to help? Leave a comment!

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