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Complementary Colors

In true Broadbent fashion, there’s never a dull moment in our house. So, it was no surprise that the same day Chris and I returned from our honeymoon, we found ourselves standing in the kitchen and staring at this guy:

It was last summer when we started seriously talking about the natural step between marriage and children: owning a dog. We were having trouble agreeing on a breed (I wanted a husky, he wanted a lab) but we both thought it wise to wait until this Spring to add anything else to our plates. I had been lobbying for a dog since we moved in together to stand guard on nights that Chris was working and was excited that it was actually going to happen. Planning that far ahead put me at ease – I was looking forward to a quiet post-wedding winter. Then, as these stories go, plans changed.

Chris first spotted Cooper a couple of weeks before our wedding at The Sportsman’s Den, a local bait-and-tackle shop owned and operated by a long-time family friend, Billy. Cooper’s then-owner also stopped in the shop, dog in tow, and was lamenting that she could no longer keep him. She was moving into a smaller place and was going to bring him to the pound if she couldn’t find him a new home. Chris promptly called to tell me about this serendipitous meeting: “Suz, he’s a little white furball and he’s a husky-retriever mix. What do you think?” And just like that – hook, line, and sinker – we started making room in our busy lives for a puppy. Now that it was actually happening, my initial excitement started to turn into anxiety. I began thinking about dog food, toys, a crate, treats, leashes, collars, name tags… all of the things we needed to get ready for Cooper on top of final wedding details. Bringing a puppy home stressed me out more than the last eight months of wedding planning combined and Chris somehow managed to keep his cool. Frankly, I was jealous that he approached all of these moving parts so calmly. And again, as these stories tend to go, everything went off without a hitch – wedding, honeymoon, puppy planning – it’s all a distant memory now. Billy’s aunt fostered Cooper until we got back from our trip and helped us get him started with his shots (thanks, Sue!), I took a page from Chris’s book and let the stress over the wedding details melt away, and we enjoyed what ended up being the last vacation we would take without a major responsibility at home – a puppymoon, if you will. We are as fundamentally different as complementary colors, but I’ve come to realize that it’s finding the balance between my tendency to live, eat, and breathe logistics and Chris’s ability to focus on the bigger picture that makes us work so well together.

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